5 Best Benchmarking Softwares for 2020

If you want to evaluate the hardware performance of your PC, then there is no better way than going for a benchmark test. It is basically a technique of taking a screenshot of your PC’s performance.

This technique will allow the users to make alterations in hardware through the software. It is essential to keep in mind that benchmarking is indeed a complicated procedure and involves lots of vigilance.

The function of a PC benchmarking software is to run stress tests on your PC. This will show how well it is capable of handling high resource usage. For instance, it is possible to test if your PC can run your favourite games by running a graphic card stress test.

Well, there are lots of software available for the task. But not each one is effective enough. So we have come up with the list of top 5 benchmarking software in order to ease down your task. Let’s have a look at them:

HW Monitor

It is one of the leading CPU benchmark software for Windows. It is capable of contemplating the make and model of hardware components of the system. H W Monitor allows the measurement of some other parameters like fan speeds, power consumption, clock speeds, utilisation percentage and much more.

Also, it is capable of reading modern CPUs on-die core thermal sensors, video card GPU temperature and hard drives temperature via S.M.A.R.T. The best part is that the software is absolutely free and hence easily accessible. 


This one is an uber-cool benchmarking software for your PC. It supplies you with all the much-needed information about the specifications of your personal computer. The software is used for procuring elaborate information regarding the motherboard, RAM, graphics card, CPU and so on.

Also, it enables you to see the real-time temperature of critical components in order to avoid any issue in your PC. The software allows you to save your scan results in the form of an XML, text file or snapshot. In short, Speccy gives you detailed information about every nook and corner of your computer.


This is again a free benchmarking software. Its job is to collect information about the major computer components, for instance, the CPU. The software will gather details like the codename, processor name and number, cache levels, package and so on.

You can also procure information pertaining to the motherboard, RAM and graphics card of your computer. Another feature of CPU-Z is its ability to tell about the real-time measurement of each of the core’s internal frequency as well as memory frequency.

Cine Bench

If you want a multi-platform computer benchmarking software then Cine Bench can be your best friend. It provides you with vital details about the performance abilities of the computer. Cine Bench is wholly based on the techniques used by Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

This technique has been actively used in the creation of 3D content in studios. Cine Bench is an ideal tool that helps in the comparison of CPU and graphics performance of Mac and Windows. It is capable of measuring up to 256 processor threads. Also, you will be glad to know that this software is available free of cost.


When we are talking of benchmarking software, we cannot give a miss to the Fraps. It is a highly popular software, especially among the game lovers. It is absolutely easy to use. There are no complications at all. It enables you to view and save frames per second (FPS).
Fraps play a significant role in testing hardware and overclocking of your personal computer. Also, another feature that makes the software, a favourite among the gamers, is its ability to take a screenshot and recording the gameplay.

So, these are our top favourite benchmark software. Feel free to choose any one of them to get a clear assessment of the status of your processor. It will also let you know if there is a need for an update or not. These softwares will give you valuable insights into the working of your PC.