5 Best Free Softwares and Tools for Streamers

The right softwares for the streaming will proffer a professional edge with mixed audios, high resolution, and personalized logos to your videos. The live streaming is growing immensely popular, which is leading to the vast lineup of the streaming softwares and tools. When you are a content creator, you come across several complications.

From ensuring the streaming quality to commanding multiple softwares at the same time, it takes a lot of efforts. But, thankfully, the softwares and tools you require to make your job plain sailing are not extortionate, and most of them are free.

Sometimes, it can be gruelling to decide the right softwares for the streaming. It is because steaming is one of the fastest-growing markets, and developers are eagerly waiting for your attention with numerous claims of better features and performance.

Therefore, it is bewildering to pick the best ones. The following is a list of 5 best tools for streaming, which can be used to aggrandize your streaming experience.

1. Rechaaarge

You must have known, the income sources of most of the streamers are not just monetization and brand promotions. Receiving payments from the viewers is the major source of income for many streamers. Rechaaarge is a tool, which enables the streamers to receive cost-free donations straight to the bank accounts.

It also consists of features such as on-screen pop-ups with every payment received. You can also personalize these alerts by adding several overlays and texts to add on your stream. All of the widgets available in the Rechaaarge are exhaustively compatible, and it’s way too easy to integrate them with YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, OBS, SL, XSplit, etc.

I generally recommend downloading streamlabs obs but if you’ve already used it and for some reason you want to try something else then this might be the next best option.

2. Nightbot

Bots are considered as a vital tool, which makes it easier to facilitate the interactions of streamers with their audience. It allows a swift moderation with prohibited words and audience interaction. Nightbot proffers an array of features such as dashboard, cloud hosting, spam filters, chat logs, and many types of commands. It provides you with the outright data of top active viewers, top commands, and top chatters at a glance.

3. TwitchTracker

TwitchTracker is one of the most puissant tools in the streaming. It allows the streamers to access plenty of analytics of their streaming. With the help of this tool, you will be able to know the number of current subscribers and followers. It also provides the data of the total number of followers acquired in a month and the average number of spectators achieved.

Unlike other tools to track the analytics, it provides the duration of stream videos, a summary of the games, and data of most played games in your outright journey of streaming.

4. Arsenal.GG

Who said, attaining the brands to work with can only be possible with the tremendous number of followers? Arsenal is a software, which lets you connect with the brands that are interested in advertising a particular product. It aggregates the stats, which matters the most so you don’t have to. You will assuredly come across an endless number of partners to work with when you associate your streaming videos with the Arsenal.

5. XSplit Free Version (Win)

XSSplit is one of the most considerable softwares when it comes to online streaming. It is a widely known application for broadcasting, which is built especially for Windows. It was developed to assist users with convenient and rapid processing for all broadcasting requirements. The best part about the software is, it is free from commercial interference. Its key features include tons of graphics and easy customization options, which are considered as the best for live presentations. 

Above listed softwares and tools will result in an unrivalled experience of streaming the games. Your struggle for finding the best softwares now ends here, rely on any of the above-listed software and get an unparalleled experience of streaming your favourite games.