7 Must Have Software For The Gaming PC

Now that you have spent quite a bit of money on a gaming PC and installed your favorite games, there are plenty of softwares out there, you should install to intensify your gaming experience. Keeping abundant gaming softwares in your gaming PC results in the gratified gaming experience.

Communicating with your teammates and recording or tracking the gameplay while playing, does not it sound stupendous? There are a bunch of softwares, which can help you out with this.  Below, We have listed the top-graded software for gaming PC, which will not only aid your gameplay but also ensures your PC runs efficiently.

1. WinDirStat

WinDirStat takes place at the very first position of our list because it deals with the storage of your PC. It’s a great software, which provides assistance to decide what part of your storage should be eliminated. It helps in finding out the graphical statistics of the available storage. The best thing about the WinDirStat is, it shows a more visually appealing way to check out how much space a program is consuming on your computer.

2. TeamSpeak

There are plenty of options to choose from in voice chat for gaming, but our top pick is ‘TeamSpeak.’ With the TeamSpeak, it is easier to connect with your friends, and its lineup of features are unparalleled. The software enables the users to employ the echo reduction, tune the sound levels, and use the encryption. The software is absolutely free to access, though you need to pay some money if you wish to rent a server.

3. OBS Studio

The software is immensely preferred by plenty of gamers for broadcasting. There are many options to broadcast your gameplay on YouTube or any other platform, but far too much can possibly constrict you with several limitations. OBS studio is considered as one of the best programs to stream in high definition quality. It helps in maintaining your pristine if you are someone who prefers broadcasting with a high level of quality. The software is easy to set up, and it can be the best choice if you are new to broadcasting.

4. Keytweak

Sometimes it can be arduous for the gamer to adjust with the control. Most of the developers are pretty cool with managing the setting up the controls, and also provides an additional feature to adjust them accordingly. But, if you still find it strenuous, then Keytweak is a workaround.

It enables the users to tweak the keys to get a perfect control scheme according to their comfort. It’s an easy program, which showcases the entire keyboard, and from there, you will be able to adjust or remap the control buttons. It is undoubtedly a better workaround than coming across the additional files of the program of the registry.

5. Sharex

Have you ever come across a pleasant view or any circumstance you wish you could capture? Gone are the days when we had to rely on the same old method of taking the screenshot. Sharex is a program that enhances your screenshots and makes them look exceedingly appealing. It’s a simple way to capture finesse screenshots, but you may witness a watermark of the Sharex on the screenshots as well.

With the help of Sharex, you will no longer have to work out the fine details of screenshots prior to uploading them on the internet. Its ability to sharpen and to enhance the screenshots automatically will definitely save you a lot of time.

6. PC Decrapifier

Your PC comes equipped with loads of useless files, which often goes unexploited. Such files can consume a tremendous amount of storage on your computer. Every PC consists of such files or programs if you go through the manufactures, they will be very much likely to add dozens of programs, which you may find useless. This is where the PC Decrapifier takes place.

The software will hunt down all the unnecessary files in your PC to abolish them right away. Installing this program can get you rid of the several junk and useless files and boos the performance of your computer. It keeps on recommending the users to delete the files considered as junk or not being used often.

7. Flawless Widescreen

There are still some games which do not fit with the size of your screen. You are likely to run into several issues if you have jumped onto the wide monitor craze. Black bars on the sides of your screens seem awful. In some games, you can easily get rid of such issues by heading over to the settings and changing the resolution. But such customizable options are nowhere to be found in some games.

Flawless widescreen is a quick fix for such situations. It comes with an array of configuration options, which makes it easier to craft the patches and fixes to get an ultra-wide resolution without losing its quality.

All of the above softwares contribute to making your gaming experience better than ever. Now, it’s time to evade all the complications and get an unparalleled experience of playing your favorite games.