How to Safely Download Videos, Softwares and Games on Your PC

It is quite common to download content over the internet for different purposes. People tend to download videos, movies, music, and games on their PCs by using the internet. Also, several relevant documents for academic and work purposes can be downloaded. It is a source of enjoyment as well as knowledge for many. Several apps and software are also downloaded from the internet.

A point that you should keep in mind is that downloading and streaming is not the same thing. Streaming allows you to watch a video or listen to a piece of music in real-time. You need not save them.

However, there are certain risks associated with downloading videos, movies, or games on your desktop.

You may unknowingly allow viruses to enter your computer. Certain adware gets installed inadvertently in your PC while downloading videos or games, and this may lead to unwanted and annoying pop-ups and notifications.

Hackers and cybercriminals can get access to your private information and use them illegally for their financial gain. You may even face the risk of identity theft. Sometimes, you may end up downloading offensive material disguised as something else.

Also, you may breach copyrights while downloading certain content.

It is, therefore, necessary to maintain safety and privacy while downloading anything from the internet. But how to accomplish this? We are here to guide you in safeguarding your privacy while downloading content from the internet. Have a look!

Tips for downloading videos, games, and software safely:

It is necessary to think of your safety before downloading anything from the internet. If you want to know how to keep yourself safe, then follow the below-given steps to ensure safety and privacy. Here we go:


Seedbox is a type of remote server host that helps in safe uploading as well as downloading of digital files with high-speed bandwidth. Once the seedbox helps you in acquiring the files, you can download them anonymously. It also offers some other features like automation tools, remote desktop, open VPN, and so on. There is no need to worry about any kind of legal action coming because of their remote hosting. By using the speed box, you are not utilizing the Bit torrent protocol, which helps in monitoring your IP address.

If you’re downloading torrents, I’d suggest using a seedbox service like

Since the internet is a public space, you might not be wanting to let the world see what you are downloading. Speed box helps you out in achieving those. It gives you complete control over your privacy. Only you can have access to your files by logging into your account. Also, seedboxes come with Open VPN. This allows encrypted connectivity while browsing content online.

Our recommended Seedboxes for safe downloading:

  1. Evo seedbox
  2. Super boxes
  3. Dedi seedbox
  4. VPN: The task of a VPN is to create a virtual encrypted tunnel between you and a remote server operated by the VPN service. Each and every internet traffic of yours gets routed through this tunnel to make your data secure from creepy eyes. Your computer will have the IP address of the VPN server. This will safeguard your location and identity.

Imagine you are in a metro station or a coffee shop and using the public Wi-Fi system. But you never know who might be watching the traffic on that network. Also, the legitimacy of the Wi-Fi network can be doubtful. A hacker may be operating it who is after your personal data like passwords, banking data, credit card numbers, and so on. Connecting to the same public Wi-Fi network using a VPN can ensure that no one is intercepting your data. It is, therefore, highly essential to use a VPN even in some of the most reputed public places.

VPN ensures that your data is encrypted. So there are lesser chances of an encroachment. VPN makes it difficult to correlate online activities to you. Its function is to apply a layer of encryption to your internet traffic.

Our recommended VPNs for safe downloading:

  1. Express VPN
  2. Surf shark
  3. Cyber ghost
  4. Proxy: A proxy server is basically a gateway between a local network and a large scale network. It acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. There are different types of proxies, such as reverse proxies, forward proxies, and open proxies.

A proxy server will help you in hiding your IP address. The website that you are logging in will not be able to trace your original IP address. The IP address of the proxy server will be logged in. This makes you somewhat anonymous as you are browsing online and trying to download something. Basically, your IP address gives out a lot of details about you, for instance, the country and city you belong to. Cybercriminals are capable of finding out details like your ISP, zip code, street name, and so on. Hence, using a proxy server is highly essential.

Our recommended Proxy Servers for safe downloading:

  1. 4everproxy
  2. Hide.Me
  3. Proxy Site

There is an immediate need to spread awareness about the threats associated with online browsing and downloading. Not many people are aware of the same. Also, it is essential to use the right software for your safety. You can use any of the above-mentioned software for a safe downloading experience. Remember that the virtual space of the internet can be extremely harrowing and torturous portal if you do not use it judiciously. Make your browsing and downloading experience a safe one by installing a VPN, proxy server, or seedboxes. You can choose from the recommended list given above.